Cal-Royal SC Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset w/ Escutcheon Trim

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Details: Cal-Royal SC Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset w/ Escutcheon Trim

  • UL and CSFM Listings
  • Continuous duty solenoids for cooler operation during "continuously on" applications
  • Standard plug-in rectifier allows for an AC or DC power source
  • Low current draw
  • Numerous switch options
  • 3 year "No Hassle" warranty
  • OPTIONAL - Voltage requirement -12 VAC/DC or 24 VAC/DC
  • OPTIONAL - Amperage - 700mA @ 12V or 350mA @ 24V
  • OPTIONAL - Function - available "Fail Safe" (FS) or "Fail Secure" (FSE)
For Doors
1-3/4" thick
Heavy gauge zinc chromate steel
Heavy gauge steel 8" × 1-1/4" × 3/32". Accommodates flat doors & doors beveled 1/8" in 2"
Armored Front
Wrought brass attached by machine screws to lockcase front
1" throw, brass, chrome plated with hardened steel rollers
Brass, chrome plated with heavy-duty deadbolt
Extruded brass, chrome plated
Rocker type, brass, chrome plated
Brass, non-handed curved strike 4-7/8" × 1 1/4". Handed curved-up strike available upon request
Handed. Easily reversible in field
As specified
As specified
As specified
As specified
UL listings
U.L. Listed "A" Label (3 hour), for use on fire doors; single or pairs
Lock body conforms to Federal Specification Type 86; and to all dimensional and operational performances of ANSI A156.13-1 80, Series 1000 Grade 1, exceeds 1,000,000 cycles

Heavy Duty Mortise Lock Comparison Chart

Function ANSI# Cal-Royal NT Falcon M Series Arrow B Series Russwin Corbin Sargent 7800/8200 Schlage L Series PDQ MR Series Yale Hager
Single Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Enterance/Office F04 SC8050 M521 BM22 ML2051 5 L9050 MR116 8807 3850
Classroom F05 SC8070 M561 BM17 ML2055 37 L9070 MR148 8808 3880
Storeroom/Closet F07 SC8080 M371 BM12 ML2057 4 L9080 MR115 8805 3880
Single Cylinder With Deadbolt
Apartment/Dormitory F20 SC8453 M531 BM11 ML2067 45 L9453 MR162 8847 3853
Dormitory/Bedroom F21 SC8473 M541 BM20 ML2024 24 L9473 MR135 8860 ---
Corridor/Exit F13 SC8456 M571 BM19 ML2065 25 L9456 MR136 8822 ---
Keyed Privacy Indicator --- SC8495 M451 --- ML2024, M19 --- L9495, L9496 --- 8864 ---
Closet/Storeroom --- SC8465 --- --- --- 27 L9465 MR139 --- ---
Double Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Apartment Enterance/Vestibule F09 SC8060 M381 BM32 ML5042 16 L9060 MR186 8817 ---
Institution F30 SC8082 M411 BBM33 ML2032 17 L9082 --- 8830-2 3882
Double Cylinder With Deadbolt
Storeroom Utility F14 SC8466 M371 BM31 ML2022 26 L9466 MR137 8860 ---
Other Functions
Privacy/Bathroom F02/F19/F22 SC8060 M311 BM02 ML2020 65 L9040 MR178, MR179 8802 3840
Privacy with Indicator --- SC8445 --- --- ML2020, ML19 49 --- --- 8862 3896
Passage/Closet F01 SC8010 M101 BM01 ML2010 13 L9010 MR126 8801 3810
Single Fixed Dummy --- SC8170 M12 BM08 ML2050 93 L0170 MR211 8855 3817
Double Fixed Dummy --- SC8172 M18 BM09 ML2070 96 L0172 MR205 8838 3827

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
SC8080 US26D HE Satin Chrome, Storeroom, HE
SC8473 US32 JE Bright Stainless Steel, Dormitory / Bedroom, JE
SC8458 US32D SE Classroom w/ DB & Aux Latch, Satin Stainless Steel, SE
SC8080 US26D AE Satin Chrome, Storeroom, AE
SC8473 US32 GE Bright Stainless Steel, Dormitory / Bedroom, GE
SC8458 US32D TE Classroom w/ DB & Aux Latch, Satin Stainless Steel, TE
SC8080 US32 SE Storeroom, Bright Stainless Steel, SE
SC8473 US32 HE Bright Stainless Steel, Dormitory / Bedroom, HE
SC8458 US32D JE Classroom w/ DB & Aux Latch, Satin Stainless Steel, JE
SC8080 US32 TE Storeroom, Bright Stainless Steel, TE
SC8473 US32 AE Bright Stainless Steel, Dormitory / Bedroom, AE
SC8458 US32D GE Classroom w/ DB & Aux Latch, Satin Stainless Steel, GE
SC8080 US32 JE Storeroom, Bright Stainless Steel, JE
SC8473 US32D SE Dormitory / Bedroom, Satin Stainless Steel, SE
SC8458 US32D HE Classroom w/ DB & Aux Latch, Satin Stainless Steel, HE

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