Cal-Royal NM Series Heavy Duty, Grade 1 Escutcheon Trim Mortise Lockset

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Details: Cal-Royal NM Series Heavy Duty, Grade 1 Escutcheon Trim Mortise Lockset


  • Conforms to federal specification type 86 and to all dimensional and operational performances of ANSI A156.13- 1 80, Series 1000 Grade 1, Extra Heavy Duty
  • BHMA Certified Lifetime Warranty
  • UL listed 3-hour rating, conforms to standards UL10C and UBC 7- 2- 1997
  • Optional Interchangeable Core
  • Rust-proof heavy duty 2 ¾" backset lock case
  • Individual spring to prevent lever sag, easily reversible
  • Forged brass lever handles exceed requirements of ADA (American Disability Act)
  • Auxiliary latch bolt
  • Armored front plate conceals lock mounting screws
  • 1" throw heavy duty deadbolt with anti-saw hardened pins
  • Heavy duty ¾" latch bolt with anti-friction latch, easily reversible
  • Optional Electrified Locks available

Features & Specifications

For Doors
1- ¾" thick
2- ¾"
Heavy gauge zinc chromate steel
Heavy gauge steel 8" × 1- ¼" × 3⁄32". Accommodates flat doors & doors beveled ⅛" in 2"
Armored Front
Wrought brass attached by machine screws to lockcase front
1" throw, brass, chrome plated with hardened steel rollers
Brass, chrome plated with heavy-duty deadbolt
Extruded brass, chrome plated
Rocker type, brass, chrome plated
Brass, non-handed curved strike 4- ⅞" × 1¼". Handed curved-up strike available upon request
Handed. Easily reversible in field
UL listings
U.L. Listed "A" Label (3 hour), for use on fire doors single or pairs
Lock body conforms to Federal Specification Type 86 and to all dimensional and operational performances of ANSI A156.13- 1 80, Series 1000 Grade 1

NM Series Escutcheon Trims and Finishes

NM Series Exploded View


Available with interchangeable core. Electrified locks available upon request.

100% internal parts quality inspection provides security, reliability and durability.

Heavy Duty Mortise Lock Comparison

Function ANSI # Cal-Royal Falcon M Series Arrow B Series Russwin Corbin Sargent 7800/8200 Schlage L Series PDQ Series 1000 Yale 1000 Hager
Single Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Entrance or Office F04 NM8050 M521 B22 ML2051 5 L9050 116 8807 3850
Classroom F05 NM8070 M561 B17 ML2055 37 L9070 148 8808 3870
Storeroom or Closet F07 NM8080 M371 B12 ML2057 4 L9080 115 8805 3880
Classroom F05 NM8070 M561 B17 ML2055 37 L9070 148 8808 3870
Single Cylinder With Deadbolt
Apartment / Dormitory F20 NM8453 M531 B11 ML2067 45 L9453 156 8847 3853
Dormitory / Entrance F13 NM8456 M571 B19 ML2065 25 L9456 136 8822 ---
Closet / Storeroom --- NM8465 --- --- --- 27 L9465 --- --- ---
Dormitory / Entrance F21 NM8473 M541 B20 ML2024 24 L9473 135 8860 ---
Double Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Apartment Entrance / Vestibule F09 NM8060 M381 B32 ML5042 16 L9060 127 8817 ---
Institution F30 NM8082 M411 B33 ML2032 17 L9082 --- 8830-2 3882
Double Cylinder With Deadbolt
Storeroom Utility F14 NM8466 M371 B31 ML2022 26 L9466 137 8860 ---
Other Functions
Privacy / Bathroom F02/F19 NM8040 M311 B02 ML2020 65 L9040 176 8802 3840
Passage / Closet F01 NM8010 M101 B01 ML2010 13 L9010 136 8801 3810
Dummy --- NM8170 M12 B08 ML2070 93 L0170 --- 8855 3817

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

Model/SKU Attributes
NM8040 US32D TE LHR Privacy with Deadbolt, Satin Stainless Steel, TE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8040 US26 DE LHR Bright Chrome, Privacy with Deadbolt, DE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8445 US32D XE LHR Privacy w/ Indicator, Satin Stainless Steel, XE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8445 US4 HE LHR Satin Brass, Privacy w/ Indicator, HE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8010 US10B QE LHR Passage, Oxidized Satin Bronze, QE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8170 US26D GE LHR Satin Chrome, Single Fixed Dummy, GE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8170 US3 YE LHR Bright Brass, Single Fixed Dummy, YE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8172 US26D RE LHR Satin Chrome, Double Fixed Dummy, RE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8172 US26 KE LHR Bright Chrome, Double Fixed Dummy, KE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8050 US32D IE LHR Office/Entrance (Single Cylinder w/o Deadbolt), Satin Stainless Steel, IE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8050 US26 WE LHR Bright Chrome, Office/Entrance (Single Cylinder w/o Deadbolt), WE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8070 US10B CE LHR Oxidized Satin Bronze, Classroom (Single Cylinder w/o Deadbolt), CE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8070 US4 ME LHR Satin Brass, Classroom (Single Cylinder w/o Deadbolt), ME, Left Hand Reverse
NM8080 US3 SE LHR Bright Brass, Storeroom (Single Cylinder w/o Deadbolt), SE, Left Hand Reverse
NM8453 US26D VE LHR Satin Chrome, Entrance(Single Cylinder with Deadbolt), VE, Left Hand Reverse

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