Brass Accents M06-S85 Georgian Switch Plates


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Details: Brass Accents M06-S85 Georgian Switch Plates

Switch Plate Size Specification

3-1/4" w × 5" h
5-1/8" w × 5-1/8" h
6-13/16" w × 5-1/4" h
8-11/16" w × 5-1/8" h


Product NumberDescription
M06-S8500Single Switch
M06-S8510Single Outlet
M06-S8520Single GFCI
M06-S8530Double Switch
M06-S8540Double, 1-Switch/1-Outlet
M06-S8550Triple Switch
M06-S8560Double Outlet
M06-S8570Double GFCI
M06-S8571Double, 1 Switch/1 GFCI
M06-S8580Triple, 2-switch /1-outlet
M06-S8590Triple GFCI
M06-S8591Quad Switch
M06-S8592Quad GFCI
M06-S85X0Single Blank
M06-S85XXDouble Blank